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Panfur TD

Developer: PanfurWare, LLC

Save one garden at a time... Help Panfur squash bugs in this classic, campy Tower Defensegame!
After the acid rain of “Panfur vs Rain stopped falling, a new threat arose. Acid created
mechanical bugs are now on the move to Panfur’s house. How can he stop them? Who will help
him? With assistance from his pet store friends: “Better call Bunny”, “Claw for help Cat” and
“Too Radish Rabbit”, Panfur is ready to stop the mecha mess of mutations with Tower Defense
Strategy in this best tower defense game Panfur TD.
There are thousands of tower defense strategy games out there, but Panfur TD brings the unique and
most engaging gameplay ever!
Drag the defenders from the bottom to strategic places in the garden. Use the defenders
according to their price and tap on them for more power, speed and range to stop the bugs. In
Panfur TD each level is different and each mech-bug has a special strength. Strategically gather
money to buy and upgrade your defenders. After you complete each level share how you beat
it and invite others in this epic battle.
Your free fantasy empire needs a strong offense and tower defense.
PANFUR TD gives you chance to build massive empire with an ease to drag and drop your
defenders quickly in the right area so that you can defend your empire against an enemy tower
Stop the invading bugs with powerful weapons in this classic Tower Defense Strategy Game to
defend your empire.
Experience a new cutting-edge best tower defense game with Panfur TD.
Do you have what it takes to stop the mechanical bugs and rise to the top as the ultimate tower
defense champion?
Features so far:
• Classic Tower Defense gameplay
• Drag and drop your defenders quickly in the right area
• Tap your defenders once you have enough money in order to upgrade them
• Share your triumphs and repeat your defeats in this fun, fast game!
• Leaderboard to compare and crush high scores
• Achievements
Download this free tower defense game now!
More features and levels coming soon! Thanks for playing!!!